Request for Service System

The essence of physical maintenance is communication.

RFS builds on modern mobile technology to allow quick and effective communication from the initiation of a request for service through to completion of the repair and maintenance keeping everyone in the loop.

  • Requests for service are immediately communicated to administrators using email
  • Review of requests is enhanced with the ability to attach pictures of the problem using mobile devices
  • Assign responsibilities easily and quickly when creating work orders, set priorities if needed
  • Quick and easy recording of changes, costs and completion using mobile devices
  • Easily attach relevant documentation to work orders
  • Group work orders into projects
  • Immediate and real time cost reporting

RFS lets you communicate maintenance needs quickly, easily and in detail using modern mobile technology.

Control everything from requests, review, planning, assignment, completion and control of maintenance.

It allows for instant and continuous communication with maintenance staff and lets them record real time costs.

Keep on top of maintenance and costs with up to date reporting.

The system makes full use of mobile technology with views adapted to the devices you use with a quick and effective interface.