Staff Evaluations - Education Practice Enahancements

Our Staff Evaluation Software - Education Practice Enhancements, or EPE - is based on rubrics that were developed from collaboration between Livingstone Range School Division and The Alberta Teachers Association. While highly customizable, this application comes with a complete database of pre-existing, and pre-approved rubrics for evaluating staff members.

New features and fields can quickly be implemented if needed, and often at no cost.

Included Rubrics

The system comes with nearly 250 available performance measures built in, spread over four different staff types:

  • Principal
  • Assistant Principal
  • Teacher
  • Assistant Teacher

These rubrics can be added to, edited, and copied to new custom staff types.

Evaluation Sections

In addition to the rubrics, there are several other sections that can be used in the evaluation:

  • Internal Notes - only accessable by the user that enters them
  • Interviews, Meetings, Situations Observed
  • Classes Observed (if applicable)
  • Contractual/Certification Recommendations
System Access Levels

There are five levels of access that can be granted to users:

  • Administrator
    • Manage users
    • Schedule evaluations
    • Edit evaluation rubrics
    • Create new staff types
    • View completed evaluations and status of in-progress evaluations
    • Change system settings such as logo, text, etc.
    • View system usage
    • Much more...
  • Location Administrator (optional)
    • Manage users for their locations
    • Schedule evaluations for staff members at their locations
    • View evaluations and status of in-progress evaluations for staff members at their locations
    • Create users for their locations
  • Evaluator
    • Perform scheduled evaluations
    • Perform unscheduled evaluations (if enabled)
    • This level can be assigned to other user types
  • Viewer
    • View completed evaluations
    • Viewing access can be restricted by location, type, and user
  • Staff Member
    • Users that can be evaluated
    • Can be assigned multiple values, such as certificates, grades, classes, etc.
    • Can view and digitally acknowledge their evaluations
    • Can review previous evaluations