Annual Education Results Report System

This server-side system is used to produce Alberta Education's three year Annual Education Results Reports (AERR) in PDF format. It is an end-to-end system which handles all aspects of report creation including hosting, security, backups, and user access. We can quickly and easily add or change features, normally within a couple days, and usually at no cost. This system can also import data from our survey tool.

If you choose to use this system, it can be live within one business week. In addition to the manual, we also include one online training session. Training sessions at your location are available for an additional fee.

Administration & Division Section

  • Create and manage report year spans (example: 2012-2015), and specify the current report being worked on (example: 2012-2013)
  • Create text sections for both the division and school reports. Set sections as plain or rich text with pictures, required, and optional default text as fixed or editable.
  • View report progress in easy to use visual overview
  • Set minimum and maximum required records for school reports, such as goals, outcomes, measures, highlights, etc.
  • Approve, return, and make school reports live
  • Lock report text and goal results for school reports
  • Edit virtually all text used in reports
  • View change logs to all reports
  • Import data from spread sheets/CSV files
  • Manage users and their access levels
  • Manage text and logos for public view
  • Website widget to include in separate website for real-time link to report when ready
  • much more...
School Section

  • Access to multiple schools possible
  • View report progress and requirements in easy to use visual overview
  • Edit report text using built in rich text editor, including image uploading and resizing
  • View report status and currently completed requirements
  • Once requirements are met, the report can be submitted for division approval
  • Manage school-level users and set their access
  • Manage school contact information and logo
  • Website widget to include in separate website for real-time link to report when ready
Public Section

This optional section can be used to host the most recent version of the reports, and is updated instantaneously when newer versions are produced. Virtually all text and images are editable.